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Tell me about your past and I’ll tell you who you are

“I don’t want to erase my past, because for better or for worse it made me who I am today. On the contrary, I thank those who made me discover love and pain, those who loved and used me, those who told me I love you believing it and those who did it only for their dirty comforts. I thank myself for always having found the strength to get up and go on, always. “
This famous phrase was recited by Oscar Wilde, a famous writer who lived in the second half of the 19th century.

With these famous lines, the poet wanted to express all his recognition of his past which, through the experiences he had lived, had formed and forged him into the man he had become.
Wanting to expand this reflection into a broader reasoning, we can generalize the importance that we must recognize in the past far beyond one’s own personal experience. If we consider the years of a single life, it appears a small iota compared to the time river that involves all of us more widely.
Let’s think about our tradition
We think of our belonging, not as individuals, but as a community, as a people.
Our past tells us, without veils, neither lies nor censorship, who we really are. It orients us in the present and reveals to us, if we pay attention, what our future in the making could be.
Attachment to one’s tradition does not mean being anchored in lost times, it does not mean being bound to something that invalidates and hinders our progress and growth.
Rather, it represents a wise and healthy attitude with which to face life and daily choices.
By knowing the past, we automatically know where we came from, to know more fully where we can go and how to do it.
The rootedness to tradition we are talking about is even more pronounced especially for us Italians, given the immense wealth of our history. From it we can draw an exponential quantity of resources, applicable in the most disparate fields.
Fountain nozzle
In a singular and particular way, the greatest legacy that our past has left us is the immense artistic and cultural heritage.
Our ancient ancestors, throughout history, have accumulated such a huge cultural asset that they constitute the largest and most varied artistic heritage in the world.
On the occasion of a conference organized in 2009 by Pricewaterhousecoopers, the report entitled “The value of art” was presented in which a truly impressive scenario, made up of data and statistics, was presented:
Italy, the report states, has the largest cultural heritage in the world, with over 3,400 museums, about 2,100 archaeological areas and parks and 43 Unesco sites.
We proudly boast a world record which, unfortunately, we often do not value as it deserves.
Brick and Stone embraces this belief and incorporates it into its philosophy. The past still has much to give us and we make it materially achievable.
We give voice to objects that come from epochs that seem so far away, in order to give them the opportunity to still communicate all the expressive power they possess.
We are professionals in the field of recovery of ancient materials. We carefully select them and recover precious items to be used in the renovation and composition of welcoming, refined and peculiar environments.
If you want to give your home a touch of originality and beauty, there is nothing more effective than inserting period elements.
The effect that results, in fact, from the combination of ancient and modern is something impossible to recreate in any other way.
Wall fountain
Thanks to our work it will be possible for you to discover how fascinating our field is.
Inside our warehouses you will find everything you need to furnish indoor and outdoor spaces with a vastness of choice that disarms.
For home and garden furnishing, we decided to offer fireplaces, chandeliers, sinks, vases, bowls, jars and basins recovered from the ancient structures that Tuscany offers us.
You can also find more refined and unobtainable elements in any other modern furniture shop: columns, capitals, friezes, old wells, fountains, amazing statues, ancient paving stones, antique terracotta floors and much more.
They are all in excellent condition, are perfectly usable and still have a lot to give us.
Materials and age range in a truly vast range to give you the possibility of having the greatest freedom of choice and maneuver: from white Carrara marble from the 1500s to materials and products closer to the present day, from 1970.
Today all this is possible, it is up to you to decide when to immerse yourself in this experience linked to our historical heritage, to rediscover something about yourself and your deepest roots.

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