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The furniture

In this article we will go to the discovery of furniture throughout human history. Let’s start with a “simple question”:
“How important is it for humans to have a home?”
We cannot ask ourselves this question without raising another one, immediately connected to the first, namely: “how important is it for humans to furnish and transform their homes?”
Furniture and the art of decorating one’s home are trends that seem instinctive to human nature. Since man began to physically and mentally separate the public space from the intimate-private one, he has also begun to devote part of his time to the care and refinement of this space.
In fact, it is not possible to separate the two moments. It is not possible to identify a separate genesis of the event “creation of the concept of private residence” from that coinciding with the birth of the practice of furniture.
It is probably not even logical to do so, as these two elements seem naturally inseparable.
But how come?
This is because, most likely, when the human being takes possession of a physical place, he feels the need to make that space even more his own.
Our home is the place where we retire to cultivate our affections, our passions, to express ourselves without fear of being judged. When we want to separate ourselves from our social role and rejoin our truest soul, our home is the first place that comes to mind.
A whole series of metaphors and symbols referring to the “nest” are linked to the house. Affections, memories of our childhood, the sense of protection deriving from the family.

We all associate our past experiences, good and bad, with the house in which we were settled at that precise time.
As the years go by, we abandon our attachment to the nest and begin to feel more and more tight the walls where we grew up. We feel a new need. Over time, the desire arises in us to create our own space, even completely different from the one in which we spent our childhood. This is a fundamental and inexorable stage of our life path that, sooner or later, each of us finds himself facing.
That is, it happens, at a certain point in our personal experience, that we want to go and live on our own to better complete our emancipation. Some even compare it to a modern ritual and propitious formula that sanctions our entry into adult life.
This is why housing is so important. Furthermore, this is why we convey this idea of ​​sacredness and importance to it through the addition of various furnishings. By doing so, we create a composition, a sort of work of art that is renewed daily through our experiences, our gestures, our daily choices.
And how do we do it all? Simply by furnishing.
Through the furniture it is possible to convey one’s personality. We adapt the furniture to our taste, in order to make it fully conform to our “I”.
Only in this way will we be able to recreate a pleasant, satisfying environment for ourselves and for others, where we can spend all the time we deem necessary with serenity.
What tools do we have available for our furniture?
Around the world of interior design, a prosperous constellation of styles, materials, items and elements has developed that allow everyone to find their favorite variant. This industry is so stimulating and resourceful that many have turned what was once a delightful passion into a profession.

A very wide category of figures has come to be formed who propose themselves as interior decorators and interior designers. They take care of helping you to customize your home in the best possible way.
This new sector (which has established itself in Italy especially in the last decade) sees our fellow countrymen among the main protagonists of the world scene, who have distinguished themselves for creativity and high aesthetic taste.
In this context, we at Brick and Stone take on the role of those who feed the world of furniture, making it more accessible and even more varied.
Brick and Stone offers you, materially, the possibility of adding something really special to your home: recycled materials.
With this expression we mean a whole series of products from past eras which, recovered and renovated, are reused to renovate, build and furnish homes, in a truly original way.
You have at your disposal a wide range of ancient items to choose from: a vase, an ashlar, a restored fountain, very old fixtures still solid and in perfect structural condition and so on.
For both indoors and outdoors, depending on your taste, you can buy a piece that is literally a piece of history.

Some of our items come from magnificent noble villas, others from remote and fairy-tale farmhouses in the countryside, and still others have been recovered from truly ancient city palaces. Some show signs of wear and time, but this does not mean that their bewitching and fascinating strength is scratched. On the contrary, their signs of life only amplify their decorative potential.
In this way, we at Brick and Stone contribute to celebrating the ancestral tradition of furniture that accompanies man, from the birth of civilization to today.

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