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Experts by passion

We deal in the recovery and sale of antique materials, perfect for furnishing in an antique style or renovating with class. To date, our warehouse boasts a truly immense display of salvaged antique materials: from marble fireplaces from the 1800s to fantastic vintage lamps from the 1970s. It is impossible to sum up the vastness of our heritage in words!

About us

High Quality

We select and recover vintage pieces with care and professionalism, to guarantee you only high-quality materials.

Fast Delivery

Thanks to the vastness of our warehouse,
we offer a huge and varied display of

Best Warranty

We are located a few kilometres from the major Tuscan art cities, from which we recover materials.

Discover our products

Antique furniture: the world of reclaimed antique materials gives you plenty of choice when it comes to furnishing.
From beautiful terracotta bricks to marble tubs you can reuse as you wish.
Whether for the home or the garden, the choice of antique furniture is always the best, because it allows you to express yourself with great taste and style.
Today you can give new life to many authentic antique objects. They remind us of the splendour of bygone eras thanks to their unique beauty.
Let yourself be enchanted by Brick and Stone, with which you can have fun renovating and furnishing your every room in an original and precious way.













Antique furniture means style

Antique furniture: Have you ever thought of buying a beautiful marble fireplace dating back to 1800?
Or a stone basin recovered from a Tuscan farmhouse, on which there are still grooves left by time and use?
Have you ever thought of furnishing your home and garden as the best way to express your imagination?
Renovate and customise your everyday spaces with us! We are experts in antique materials and will be able to advise you on which period piece best suits your needs.
It’s impossible not to find what’s right for you: centre fountains, antique grit tables,
chandeliers from 1900, antique majolica wall and floor tiles… all just a click away!

A new way of renovating and furnishing

Come and experience the beauty of our heritage. Together with us, you will discover that our past never ceases to thrill us.

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  • maioliche

    Yellow, green and brown majolica

  • Bathtub in marble

  • Cast iron fireplace with putto

  • maioliche

    Majolica with floral decorations

  • Border in pastina

  • coppia di capitelli

    Pair of stone capitals

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