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The garden is a unique space.

For many people it is indispensable.

Discover our garden elements!

The presence or absence of a garden affects the market price of many homes.

This is a symptom of the importance of the garden in people’s domestic lives.

Its versatility allows these green areas to become a heavenly corner to relax, or an external environment in which to spend cool days with the family.

Every now and then, everyone needs a fresh breath of air and contact with nature. Gardens allow us to do this and much more.

The gardens have inspired many artists, such as painters and writers, and this for their timeless charm that attracts the most sensitive souls.

Furthermore, the garden reveals our personality.

We can indulge ourselves and decorate it as we like.

We give you an idea to pay homage to your green space at Brick and Stone.

We offer you a wide selection of garden elements to best enhance its value.

Amplify the pleasure of your garden experience by choosing one of our products.

You can choose between old iron animals, old cast iron mailboxes, old earthenware decorations of various motifs and much more.

For moments of refreshment we recommend you visit our website, where you will find fantastic ideas.

For example, marble, wooden or cast iron benches.

Or the beautiful gazebo that dates back to the 1800s.

It is composed of 4 stone columns, joined together by recovered beams from a farmhouse in Lucca city.

All the products you will find on our site have been recovered from ancient Tuscan palaces or from gardens of various eras.

Today they are in excellent condition and they are waiting for you!

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  • campana

    Ancient bell

  • Mailbox

  • Antique watering can

  • Acient iron animal

  • Iron animals

  • Iron animals

  • Iron flamingo

    Iron flamingo

  • Attrezzatura di vecchio arrotino

    Equipment of old grinder

  • Struttura in ferro

    Iron structure

  • Quattro elementi in ghisa

    Four elements in cast iron

  • Ancient hand forged irons

  • Antichi decori floreali

    Ancient floral decorations

  • Animali in ferro

    Iron animals

  • Antique iron buckets and watering cans

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