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Via Forre Nera, 6 – 51019 Ponte Buggianese (PT) P.IVA 01644404473 Daniele: 335- 7233 143 / Francesco: 335 – 574 3660 Tel. 0572 504303

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Ancient recovery materials: Recovery and sale of building materials for renovation. All that is needed for a good renovation.

Brick and Stone was born from the passion for grandpa Mario’s old stuff and the philosophy of “tomorrow can serve …”; after a life spent in the countryside as a farmer, in 1988 he moved leaving the farm and with it a series of materials apparently of no use and destined to be disposed of. Sorry for the end recipient and with some difficulty in finding it for Daniele and his grandfather begins the search for some possible buyer, but in the end with good results!

At the same time, the young person begins to understand the difference between the various cooked, their epochs, their cooking, the stones, the portals, the stairs, the fireplaces and everything that is necessary and fundamental for a good renovation. ” From this experience for him the passion transmitted by his grandfather for all that is ancient or better … “old” is consolidated; and that slowly leads him to abandon his job as a worker to devote himself full time. In 1996, what is now Recuperando Brick & Stone was born, located in the heart of Tuscany, home of terracotta and sandstone, carefully selects and recovers ancient and precious materials for the renovation and construction of welcoming and original houses and environments.

A constructive philosophy that creates a fair balance between living and lived, the present and the past in the everyday life of human living. An old handmade work and lived for years, for centuries in contact with a man’s daily life has its own soul, transmits life and warmth. Seeing is believing…

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