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Floors and Coverings

Structures and coatings, from roof to floor.

Structures and coatings are what really protects us from the outside.

A house would not be conceivable without them.

The recovery coatings are still functional and efficient.

They have an edge over their beautifying power.

In this field it cannot be said that “the dress does not make the monk”.

The exterior of a home is seen and interpreted externally.

If you want to give your home a beautiful appearance, you will surely have to invest in wall coverings too.

In this category you will find roof coverings, majolica, bricks and floors.

For lovers of earthenware and those of majolica, this is a small heavenly corner.

They are recycled materials in excellent condition.

Others, more consumed, are excellent for those who want to recreate a climate that knows how to live.

The origin varies according to the product.

There are grit floors with flowers recovered from historic buildings in Florence, such as hexagonal earthenware cladding that belonged to an ancient Umbrian farmhouse.

Variety and quality are characteristics on which we aim to satisfy our customers.

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  • pastina

    Border in cement tiles

  • graniglia

    Border in yellow grit

  • graniglia

    Red and white grit frame

  • Liberty Terracotta

  • cementine

    Three-dimensional cement tiles

  • greca in cementina

    Cement tiles frame

  • cementine

    Decorated cement floor

  • cementine tridimensionali

    Three-dimensional hexagonal cement tiles

  • cementine

    Hexagonal cement tiles with flower

  • graniglia

    Reclaimed grit frame

  • graniglia

    Grits with geometric design

  • cementine con stelle

    Cement tiles with stars

  • cementine

    Geometric cement tiles

  • cornice in graniglia

    Double grit frame

  • cementine decorate

    Recovered decorated cement tiles

  • greca in graniglia

    Border in white and red grit

  • graniglia

    Solid red grit

  • cornice in graniglia

    Border in recovered grit

  • graniglia

    Grit frame

  • cementine

    Three-dimensional hexagonal cement tiles

  • graniglia

    Recovered grit

  • cementine

    Recovered cement tiles

  • cementine

    Cement tiles with octagonal design

  • graniglie

    Grits with stars

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