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Floors and Coverings

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  • cementina

    Black and white hexagonal cement tile

  • pavimento

    Three-dimensional grit

  • maioliche

    Majolia with blue and orange weaves

  • maioliche

    Majolica with intertwined design

  • maioliche

    Orange and blue tiles

  • maioliche

    Blue and white diamond majolica

  • mattonelline verdi

    5×10 green tiles

  • maioliche con disegno nero

    Majolica with black design

  • maioliche blu

    Blue majolica with yellow flower

  • maioliche con intreccio blu

    Majolica with blue weaves

  • maioliche con decoro blu

    Majolica with blue decoration

  • maioliche con intreccio

    Majolica with yellow and green weaving

  • maioliche con fondo beige

    Decorated beige background majolica

  • Maioliche con fiore nero

    Majolica with black flower

  • maioliche con decoro

    Majolica with blue decoration

  • maioliche con fiore marrone

    Majolica with brown flower

  • maioliche blu e rosa

    Blue and pink majolica

  • maioliche decorate

    Majolica with yellow, blue and white decorations

  • maioliche con fondo grigio

    Gray background majolica with decorations

  • maioliche decorate

    Decorated blue-yellow majolica

  • Cement tiles decorated with geometric design

  • Ancient grit recovered floor

  • Solid color carpet with decorated frame

  • Solid green color and decorated squares

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