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I “recover” my past

Today, creating our little paradise corner with recovery materials is easier than ever.
Why, in fact, be satisfied with your own space in which we spend most of our lives when we can adapt it to our personality, our needs, our needs?
Living in a home that fully reflects you will make you happier, more peaceful.
An atmosphere of positive energy will envelop you in your every daily moment.
You will also be more satisfied in sharing those same spaces with your loved ones, with your guests.
Furnishing design and aesthetic taste are inseparable components of man’s artistic sensibility.
He constantly interacts with the surrounding space.
In particular, the house absorbs and reflects the soul of its owner.
Taking care of your furniture is, therefore, a bit like taking care of yourself.
You can give a very specific and unique identity to the environment in which you live.
Your home and your garden are certainly the main places where a deep bond is established between you and the surrounding environment.
It is a relationship that is created spontaneously.
Our intrinsic nature leads us to interact with the space around us.
We tend to change it, to transform it even periodically.
In short, we leave a mark of our tradition, of our history.
Even unintentionally, an inhabited house will never be an anonymous place.
The same reasoning can be done for the garden.
Accessories, furniture and furnishings: today, those who are passionate about the care of greenery cannot be said to lack the material with which to furnish and customize.
Everyone would like to recreate the garden, courtyard or terrace of their dreams.
Even those who, in reality, do not have a green thumb, are always pleasantly struck by a well-kept and decorated garden.
Brick and Stone is fully aware of the importance of gardens.
They are our little window on the world, on nature.
It doesn’t take much to carve out a small green area in which to cultivate one’s interests or hobbies, in harmony with the landscape.
Many people associate the happiest images of their past with the garden: games and races with their childhood friends; The cool spring evenings spent with the family between a laugh and a hug; The moments of relaxation spent pampering the pet you are so fond of.
By contacting us at Brick and Stone you will make your garden even more special.
Vases, fountains, statues, benches, chairs …
This and much more is waiting for you!
They are all salvaged objects, of different geographical and historical origins.
Their priceless value is now within your reach, thanks to the work of experts who will help you furnish in a satisfying way.
We at Brick and Stone are pioneers of a trend that many refer to as “recycle design”.
Many prefer to choose recycled furniture.
The objects of the past in fact have a suggestive power out of the ordinary.
To immediately give a warm, lived-in atmosphere to your home or garden, come and visit us. We are specialized dealers in the recovery sector and we will provide you with our professionalism and experience. We will assist you in your every step in this magnificent world which is the renovation through ancient materials. We will put all our passion at your disposal, offering you only quality products.
Come and visit us, contact us or visit our website.
Here you will find such a vast assortment of recycled materials that you will not be surprised to discover how much the past can still offer us.
The recycle design is not only beautiful to look at, it is also useful.
The reuse of objects in fact allows to reduce the amount of waste produced each year.
Here is how home furnishing can be guided by more conscious and eco-sustainable choices.
In our catalog you will find articles dated even 1500,1600,1700…
Today we can recover even very ancient objects, precisely because they were made to last.
Brick and Stone is strongly convinced that these objects have not yet ended their life path.
They still have something to tell and a lot to give us.
In this way we fight the disposable mentality that is affirming itself in today’s world.
Objects are not just something impromptu, to be used and disposed of in landfills after a few years.
Recovery is a real art that blends creativity and ingenuity with pragmatism.
Here, then, is that an ancient fountain can be restored to its ancient function, as well as changing it in a versatile way.
When your needs come into contact with expert figures from Brick and Stone, the only limit to the furniture is your imagination.

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