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We all know the usefulness of grilles and railings. They allow us to feel safer than the unknowns and risks of the outside world.

The advantages of these elements are known to all but there is still another side of the coin. The railings risk giving the environment in which they are installed a sense of overall heaviness of the structure, of saturation and unfortunately also of melancholy. Certainly they are associated, at first, with an idea of ​​personal security. But a correlation to much less pleasing images can be created in the viewer’s imagination. For example, railings can inevitably remind us of a metaphor for imprisonment, closure and claustrophobia. How can we solve this problem? According to good taste, the result is offered by Brick and Stone. We offer you a way, a stratagem to insert railings in your premises without falling into the banal or heavy. Our products are all recycled and come from times when the aesthetic sense accompanied the solidity of the material. These are all items that, in addition to the excellent manufacture, therefore, are pleasing to the eye.

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    Ancient railway

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