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The gate is certainly one of the elements that cannot be missing in a garden.

It separates us symbolically and physically from the outside world, making us feel more secure, protected.

It defines and transforms a simple portion of territory into something much more: our private space, to be shared only with the people we have chosen.

Furthermore, the gate constitutes the first visual contact that people have of our property.

So we can choose our gate based on how we want to reflect our home and our personality outside.

At Brick and Stone we have grasped the intrinsic value of fences and for this reason we try to offer you the best.

Here you can find some examples of the vast assortment available in stock.

Gates for all tastes!

The gates recovered by our company are real works of art in wrought iron, of various origins and times.

You will find from a gate of a seventeenth-century villa to a flat iron Liberty gate from the early 1900s.

A wide range of gates and other iron and cast iron products awaits you to meet your every need.

You can choose the product that best suits your requests.

There are small-sized erasers with a rounded and pleasant shape, while others are complete with columns, more imposing (even 4 meters), to recreate a classic and elegant design.

Some are imaginative and more elaborate, others more austere and essential.

As there are various eras, so are manufacturing techniques, such as wrought iron.

The art of wrought iron confuses its origins with the first progress of human civilizations.

Over time this processing technique has been refined and has been passed on from generation to generation by blacksmiths and craftsmen.

Brick and Stone takes care not to let this age-old art of gates and other iron products sink.

In our warehouses there are also iron and cast iron kitchens and cast iron radiators.

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  • cancellino

    Liberty gate

  • cancello in ferro

    Iron gate 270 cm

  • cancelletto

    Iron gate

  • cancello

    Wrought iron gate – 170 cm

  • Wrought iron gate

  • cancello

    Pedestrin gate

  • cancello in ferro 240 cm

    Iron gate – 240 cm

  • Double leaf gate 238 cm

  • Wrought iron gate – 200 cm

  • Double leaf iron gate

  • Simple iron gate

  • Gate-mid-1900s

  • Hand forged gate

  • Gate with decorations at the base

  • Iron gate painted green

  • Iron gate with circles

  • Ancient iron gate

  • Ancient gate

  • Small gate

  • Antique gate

  • Ancient gate

    Ancient gate

  • Small gate

    Small gate

  • cancello

    Ancient gate

  • cancellino

    Small eraser

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