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Ancient vase


Ancient vase, in terracotta.

Its era dates back to the mid-1900s, still in perfect condition.

Coming from central Tuscany.


Height: 46 cm

Diameter: 62 cm

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    Ancient vase, beautifully made, the festoon on its sides is very spectacular.

    Impruneta festooned vase, its era dates back to 1950 ‘, in the past used for landscaping gardens but still today very suitable for doing this.

    It is very large and therefore suitable for hosting large plants.

    Pots are a convenience not to be underestimated: they act as a container for our flowers and plants. They allow us to change the arrangement of our dear plant friends. In this way you can change the arrangement of your plants whenever you want, as you want. In fact, floral arrangements are an excellent way to furnish interiors and exteriors in a simple but effective way.

    Furthermore, the vases have the great advantage of being able to enhance their content. If you want to highlight the beauty of a plant you own, a vase is right for you.

    It does not only act as a base or container, but as an amplifier of the beauty of what it contains.

    In this case the pot is dated and this creates a contrast between the plant, which par excellence is synonymous with vigor and vitality, and the antiquity of the pot.


    Height: 46 cm

    Diameter: 62 cm

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