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When art is combined with technology, fountains are one of the results of this union.

Water is our most precious asset and thanks to the them we can use it.

In addition to their useful water supply, the fountains celebrate man’s relationship with water.

The historical evidence of this admiration and these celebrations is revealed by Italian cities, especially by Rome.

Even today these architectural sources are fascinating, especially if they derive from past eras.

The ancient fountains, in fact, best express the attraction of the man mentioned before.

This is why Brick and Stone takes care to make available to you the boundless Italian heritage in this sector.

We have recovered and renovated various types of fountain.

A wide range of sizes and shapes offers you the solution that suits you best.

You can choose between fountains that develop horizontally or those on the wall.

They are of very variable size.

There are also various colors, depending on the material used to build them: cast iron (also enamelled), stone, pink marble, majolica etc …

The shapes are varies: oval, rectangular, circular, tub-shaped and so on.

There are more elaborate fountains, compared to other less artificial ones.

Our items are reusable both as center fountains in your garden, and as decorative elements to decisively personalize the surrounding environment.

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  • bocchettone


  • fontana in marmo

    Marble fountain

  • fontana

    Cast iron fountain

  • vasca

    Square stone tub

  • bocchettone

    Brass Union

  • fontana

    Cast iron fountain

  • vasca

    Round bowl in agglomaerate

  • centrale fontana

    Central fountain in Vicenza Stone

  • vaschette in pietra

    Shell bowls in stone

  • fontana

    Shell wall fountain

  • fontana

    Marble wall fountain

  • fontana

    Stone wall fountain

  • vasca a muro in pietra

    Wall-mounted stone tube complete with font

  • Majolica fountain edge

  • vasca

    Wall stone tub

  • fontana

    Rectangular center fountain

  • bocchettone

    Fountain nozzle

  • Edge of stone fountain

  • Ancient cast iron fountain

  • Edge of stone fountain

  • Wall mounted basin in granite

  • bocchettone antico in ghisa

    Antique cast iron filler

  • vaschetta

    Wall fountain

  • Small marble wall fountain

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