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Ancient gate


Ancient gate, simple.

Coming from a Tuscan farmhouse.

Its era dates back to the early 900 ‘, still in perfect condition.


Height: 2 meters and 35 cm

Width: 2 meters

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    Ancient gate, very simple in shape but at the same time very beautiful and small in size.

    Its era dates back to the early 1900s, coming from a Tuscan farmhouse.

    It is strong, firm and, at the same time, really beautiful to look at.

    The gates are a bit of a physical welcome that we offer our guests. This is why Brick and Stone offers you gates that are not only efficient, but also pleasant to see. In this case it is the modest dimensions and the curvilinear lines that make the product truly graceful and harmonious. It is somewhat reminiscent of a very ancient arched portal. If you like the portals, don’t forget to also visit the section dedicated to these magnificent objects.

    The other fundamental aspect of the gates is their very important function: they physically defend us from the outside. With a gate we can delimit our private space.

    Since 1900 this gate of great value has protected its masters. Like a guardian, loyal to his duty, who stands day and night as a bulwark of defense of his home, this gate is a tireless lookout.


    Height: 2 meters and 35 cm

    Width: 2 meters

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