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Fireplaces are synonymous of family.

Home merges in a single image all the most important values ​​for a man: affection, union, moments of emotional recollection with loved ones.

We at BrickandStone give our contribution with our professionalism, unique in the sector of the recovery of antique fireplaces.

You can reuse these perfectly restored fireplaces or simply use them as a piece of furniture.

To impress your guests, we recommend one of our antique product.

Have fun choosing the one you like best among the many specimens that the catalog offers.

Do you prefer a typical earthenware fireplace for a palace, or a Florentine fireplace in Tuscan sandstone from the historic center of the city?

Or do you still want an antique Salvator Rosa Nobiliare fireplace?

Whatever your choice, you will be supported by professional advice.

We will make our experience available to give added value to your home.

Also in this case, Brick and Stone boasts an infinite number of possible choices: starting from the construction material up to the architectural style.

Matraia stone, light stone, gray marble stone, Carrara marble, cast iron for fireplace, grit, solid marble, earthenware and so on.

Large, medium and small sizes for Empire style fireplaces and fireplaces or for those with lozenges, arches and other decorations.

You will surely be satisfied by the result. Add a detail of inestimable artistic value, choosing the timeless beauty of antique fireplaces.

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  • camino

    Pink marble fireplace

  • camino

    Concrete fireplace

  • camino

    Fireplace in sandstone

  • camino in peperino

    Fireplace in peperino

  • camino

    Fireplace in yellow Siena marble

  • stufa in ghisa

    Cast iron stove

  • camino

    Stone fireplace with workmanship

  • camino

    Bardiglio marble fireplace

  • camino

    Bardiglio marble fireplace

  • Fireplace in sandstone 129 cm

  • camino

    Sandstone fireplace

  • camino

    Light stone fireplace

  • camino

    Fireplace in worked concrete

  • camino

    Antique pink marble fireplace

  • camino in pietra

    Stone fireplace – recovery

  • Stone fireplace 125 cm

  • Stone fireplace 162 cm

  • Large stone fireplace

  • Pink marble fireplace

  • Fireplace in Bardiglio

  • Antique light stone fireplace

  • Ancient stone fireplace

  • Small antique fireplace from 1900s

  • Camino in marmo antico dell'800 in perfette condizioni - Camini antichi

    Marble fireplace

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