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Jars and basins

In this section of our catalog we present you with amphoras, basins and jars entirely made of recycled earthenware.

They are very ancient artifacts, handmade according to old traditions.

Tuscany boasts a centuries-old cultural background regarding the furnaces.

The kilns made works on commission with an inimitable skill.

A very valuable example is the jar with the Medici coat of arms, present in our collection.

This famous Florence family was known for its strong patronage and its passion for the various artistic expressions of the time.

We at Brick and Stone have had the honor of having recovered a very precious jar, which dates back to the early 1700s.

Originally, the jar represented a container to store liquids (usually oil). There were large and small ones. The latter were used as small pitchers.

Today, jars are increasingly used as an elegant piece of furniture for the outdoors.

Just like the pitcher, the Tuscan earthenware basins today represent inevitable furnishing accessories.

Their timeless charm will allow you to elegantly decorate any environment.

You can find here some possible ideas to place our products:

you can place them in the cellar, at home or in the garden.

You can also decide whether to use them as a container, resurrecting their original function, or simply put them on display.

In this way you will make the surrounding space even more peculiar and precious.

Our proposal ranges from jars to decorated basins.

Let yourself be conquered by these beautiful and practical furnishing elements and you will be amazed!

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  • conca

    Terracotta basin 57 cm

  • vaschette

    Rectangular terracotta trays

  • orcio

    Jar with holes

  • Agresti terracotta basin

  • conca

    Terracotta basin – diameter 70 cm

  • conca

    Terracotta basi – diameter 62 cm

  • conca

    Terracotta basin

  • vaso ovale

    Oval vase

  • conca

    Terracotta basin – 65 cm

  • conca

    Pair of basins with lions

  • conca in terracotta

    Festooned terracotta basin

  • conca

    Set of terracotta basins

  • conca

    Basin with decorations

  • conca

    Terracotta basin – diameter 100 cm

  • vaso in terracotta

    Oval terracotta vase

  • orcio agresti

    Jar Michele e Raffaello Agresti

  • orcio

    Jar Vanni

  • orcio

    Ricceri Jar

  • orcio

    Impruneta Jar

  • conca

    Small basin

  • orcio

    Terracotta jar

  • conca

    Terracotta basin with decoration

  • conca

    Glazed Ricceri basin

  • conca

    Small Lucca basin

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