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Windows frames

Windows are the eyes of our homes.

Through them enters the sun, the air, the noises.

Life flows beyond the glass. We can see who passes and who arrives, we enjoy a small rag of night sky. The moon and the stars in a single picture whose frame is our window.

The window was one of the very few contacts with Leopardi’s outside world.

Thanks to it he saw with curiosity the frenzy of the life of his countrymen and could admire his beloved.

Our company also deals with the recovery of ancient windows.

Also in this case the epochs of origin are very ancient: from 1600 to the early 800.

The geographical derivation ranges.

We have recovered windows from Tuscan farms, from an Art Nouveau building in Vicenza and also from a noble palace in Lucca.

The manufacturing material is original and of excellent quality. Some windows are in sandstone, others in Guamo stone, coming from the noble quarry of Lucca.

All are of exceptional workmanship.

The size varies a lot.

If you prefer a large window we recommend the Vicenza stone window.

Its measures are imposing and assurgent.

Today they can also be adapted as a frame for built-in wardrobes or pantries. The large stone borders give geometric regularity, a sense of order and composure.

If you prefer smaller windows, there are the pretty Guamo stone windows for you.

Their elegant design catches the eye.

They are very valuable because the Lucca quarry of Guamo has now disappeared.

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  • soglie e architravi

    Thresholds and double sided lintels

  • Small “porthole” window in Guamo stone

  • Small window

    Small window

  • Ancient vat openings in salvaged sandstone

    Ancient vat openings in salvaged sandstone

  • Antiche soglie e architravi in pietra

    Thresholds and architraves in recovery stone

  • Recovery sandstone window

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